Colorado Cottage Foods Act and Allergen Info


Goblin' City Bakery is primarily run out of a home kitchen located in Thornton, CO.  We are required to have a current Food Handlers certificate by the State of Colorado.  Please feel free to read all about the Colorado Cottage Foods Act HERE


We currently offer some Sugar Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan products but we are required by the Colorado Cottage Foods Act to inform you of this...


Although we do utilize machinery that has come in contact with wheat, sugar, nuts, dairy products and eggs we take every precaution possible when we have a request for an allergen free product.  We make sure our machinery is thoroughly sterilized, we use separate bowls/utensils and even have a separate fridge to prevent cross-contamination.  In the future when we have our own retail bakery we plan to have a separate work area dedicated to our allergen free products. 


It Aint Easy Being Green!


Currently in this country, the cost for local and sustainable food is way too high.  We here at GCBakery want desperately to fix this problem and make it so that every family can afford to eat good food (even if it is cake pops).  We don't believe it should be the case that local farm fresh products should cost more than items that have to be shipped in from other states and even as far as China.  Our plan for the future is to co-op with local growers to supply our flours, sugar , eggs, etc. so that we can produce our delicious concoctions at a cost that keeps the end price low for our customers.  We know what horrible ingredients are used in those grocery store cupcakes and we don't want you to eat them anymore!  This is what we're about, what are you about?


We will also be working on becoming a fully organic bakery utilizing primarily local vendors for all of our flours, sugars and dairy products.  We are trying to join the green movement and become a sustainable bakery aspiring to join the Colorado Sustainable Business Network.  At Goblin' City Bakery, we don't appreciate or understand why organic food is so expensive and unattainable for most families.  We are making it our mission to find a way of making our goodies that are fully organic but at a price that won't break your wallet in half!  After all, how are we supposed to change the world one cake pop at a time if nobody can afford them!  Check our blog for more details about how we are going through this process.

Feel free to visit our BLOG for more information on environmental issues and ways that you can become more eco-friendly!  




Future Plans and Goals



Hi I'm Jordyn Rodden, owner of Goblin' City Bakery. Baking and creating edible works of art is my passion and I hope you enjoy my website dedicated to all my creations!  Here is all the info about me and how Goblin' City Bakery came into existance.  


While I was in college studying film and video I was super fortunate to have an internship with The Food Network working as a video transcriber on a show called "Food Network Challenge".  It was a cake competition show and the footage for these competitions covered every single detail of every single cake from start to finish.  My job was to type out everything the competitors were saying so that the writers could form the actual show to be aired.  Little did I know, I was witnessing things that even culinary students may never have the opportunity to see!  I absorbed it like a sponge and basically got a second education watching these pastry chefs work, most of which are now Food Network celebrities


Eventually I started doing cakes at home for my family & friends.  As I began to get really good at it, one of my friends told me that I had found my calling and really needed to do this for a living.  I decided to put my name out there, build a website and put up pictures of the few cakes I had already done (the eyeball cake was one of them).  Low and behold people were actually interested!  I couldn't afford a retail shop so rented a cheap commercial kitchen space and started taking orders.  


Now for a name..."Jordyn's Creations" just wasn't cutting it for me.  I wanted something different, something that captured my personality and passion.  Jim Henson has always been a huge influence and mentor in my life.  The Muppets were my favorite characters when I was a kid.  In my teens, movies like "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth" are what pushed me toward film school in the first place.  That raw imagination inspiried me every day of my life and so my bakery needed to be a reflection of that.  I must have watched Labyrinth a million times!  So Goblin' City Bakery was born, an homage to my favorite move and the man himself...Jim Henson. 


Now, I have been decorating cakes for about 5 years now and am currently operating my business out of my home kitchen combined with a commercial kitchen that I rent for large events.  Fortunately for myself and other aspiring bakers Colorado passed a law in 2012 called "The Colorado Cottage Foods Act" which allows us to make delicious goodies out of our home kitchens.  I am still required to have the same food handlers certification required for retail restaurants and I am also required to abide by all food safety regulations.  If you would like to read more about it click HERE.  


Thanks for reading my bio!  Now lets get back to baking! 





Policies and Contracts
 We require a 50% deposit on all orders over $100 due one week prior to your event.  Cash is the preferred method of payment but we do also accept credit cards for a 2% fee.  Checks are only accepted under special circumstances and must be verified at least 1 week before the event.

  For weddings and other large events we may require a contract to be signed which can be found HERE. 

  We require 72 hour advance notice for any cancellations or no deposits will be refunded.

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